Saturday, November 28, 2009

Disney World

We had a fabulous time on our thanksgiving vacation to disney world. The kids had so much fun watching shows and meeting all of the disney characters. Although we took 800 pictures, it appears nearly impossible to get both kiddos to look at the camera and smile at the same time. None the less, here are some of the highlights from the trip.
Riding the carousel at magic kingdom was by far karley's favorite ride. She kept wanting to do it over and over. Luckily it was about the only ride there without a long line so we could do it
Both kids really loved watching the parades. We tried to watch one at each park if they were available. Kolton waved at everyone as they went by.

We took a break for a few days and it was even warm enough for Karley and Kolton to swim, not warm enough for mommy though.

Shopping in down town disney. The kids made mickey mouse hats

Nikki came along for a few days and we welcomed the help. It gave our arms a break from holding kids.

Although we had lots of fun... we also had many moments that looked like this :)
Nemo ride at Epcot
Dinner with the princesses. I felt bad that we were doing a girly thing and not something for kolton, but as you can see by the look on his face. He didnt mind at all.

We loved meeting all of the disney characters. They were super nice and signed autographs. We bought shirts and had them sign them for the kids.

Jammin at the street party at holleywood studios on thanksgiving day.

We had a great time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Karley's Birthday Fiesta

Karley had her birthday fiesta on Saturday at Bear Creek Park in Grapevine. A special thanks to all of our friends and family that came and made Karley's birthday a very memorable one. I hope every one had a blast. I know my kids did. They have been pretending to be the grumpy old troll and swiper all weekend and making each other solve riddles so they can cross over the bridge. For those of you who couldnt make it here are the highlights of the party!!
Thankfully it was a beautiful day and the kids started out by just hanging at the park. Special thanks to Laura who took all these pictures for us!

After some play time we ate Dora snacks. Explorer star sandwiches and chocolate covered bananas for boots the monkey. Who knew so many little people could fit at one table.Happy Birthday Karley, a little help from Mommy and Kolton to get the candle blew out.

After some snacks everyone grabbed their backpacks and got ready to go on an adventure with Dora to find the big pinata

A VERY VERY special thanks to swiper the fox who made an appearance and tied to steal our backpacks and made a couple of kiddos cry along the way including Karley. She is usually my brave one, but no this time Kolton had a blast and Karley freaked out!!

After we made it past swiper we came to the grumpy old troll, but we couldnt pass over the bridge until we solved the trolls riddle.

Finally we all made it to the big pinata!

Thanks so much to swiper and the grumpy old troll who agreed to some photo ops. I owe them BIG. I think lunch is one me at least until Christmas! You two did an amazing job. Kolton is still talking about it. He wanted to come back and see you after naptime and again on Sunday!

Once Karley realized Swiper wasnt there to swip her she was back to her happy self and ready to open presents.
Karley got some amazing gifts. Thank you all so much. By far her favorite so far has been her new babies and her butterfly wings. She has only taken the wings off for nap and a bath, we hid them so she couldnt find them to wear them to church :)
Once she had wings... she insisted she could fly!
Thank you all for coming. Karley had a great time!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Karley is 2 and its JoMama's Birthday too!

Our baby girl is officially 2!! She had a great day with Bethany and Lilly and had a mini cupcake party complete with a birthday sash and a birthday crown which she kept on for the entire day!

Kolton had a hard time not being the center of attention today and he opened up Karley's presents while she was in the bathroom. However she was perfectly happy to share and didnt mind that the presents were already open.

Birthday Cupcakes

Karley and all of her new dora babies thanks to G-MA, Bethany and Aunt Kristy. Karley loves her Dora. She carried all three around all day.

They even made it safely into Karley's bed. I bought her a pack and play to put her babies in and she happily put them all in and said goodnight, but then got mad when i would put the pack and play in her bed. So she moved all the dora babies into bed with her :) This house is surrounded with Dora everywhere!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kolton's Field Trip

Today Kolton and Mommy went on a field trip with Kolton's school to the Dallas Arboretum. We had lots of fun checking out the pumpkins, playing in the playhouses and getting Kolton's face painted. Once his face was painted he ran around saying "woof, woof" to everyone who walked by. We had a great time today just having some Mommy Kolton time!